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Progress & Announcements

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It has been a while since the last update, but not because work was not being done. The work has been moving along very nicely as ca nbe seen in the pictures......and we are now ready for the grand opening! 

The Dedication ceremony will be held on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 11:00am 



The windows are installed.  Wow are things moving forward!



When you drive by the construction site on Fort Washington Avenue, you can see the building evolving day-by-day towards completion. It is changing so fast that it’s hard to write an accurate update.

The steel infrastructure was erected in early
January. Since then, the walls have gone up and
now the roof. The frames are ready for the doors and windows to
be installed. Once that is done, and once the roof shingles are in place, the work will move inside for the interior walls, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), electrical wiring, and plumbing.



If you have a chance, drive by our Fort Washington Avenue property. You will see that the gated entrance is temporarily gone, replaced by a driveway and parking area. Steel work and a concrete elevator shaft rise against the horizon. Wood beams and trusses will follow. It is an inspiring sight; one can only imagine how the builders of the first temple must have felt as their dedication and faith in G‑d took physical form in a place of worship. There is truly no turning back. The Lubavitch of Montgomery County Center for Jewish Learning is becoming a reality! 



Over the past few weeks the plumbing underground has been installed. Once the plumbing was finished the floor inside the building has been prepared for the cement floor to be installed.  The angled beams, which you can see in the pictures, is for the temporary support that the wall needs while the other side of the wall is being back filled with dirt.  In just a short while you will be able to see the steel columns being installed.


As you all know, August and September were among the rainiest months on record; nevertheless, a lot of work has been accomplished on the new building at the Fort Washington site.

The cement work for the lower level has been completed, with the walls up and the Mikvah poured. All that is left to be done on that section is to pour the cement floor. This will be done once the water pipes from the street have been connected, installed underground, and brought into the building, along with connections for the other utilities. 

In addition, the lower level's exterior walls are being waterproofed. After that step is completed, the dirt that was removed for the work on this section will be replaced.  


Since the last update a lot of concrete has been poured. Truck load after truck load comes to the site and it gets pumped into the forms of the walls. You can already see from the street the building emerging out of the ground.

To date, more than half of the first floor walls are already up. What is amazing is how you can already see where the windows and doors will be, and you can start to get a feeling of how the space will be used.


Over the last two weeks, the area for the building as well as the parking lot area has been prepared for building.

Currently they are laying the sub surface footings and foundations into the ground, and then they will build the forms for the foundation of the building. 

Simultaneously, the parking lot is being worked on with the laying for the underground storm water system.


Once the water basins were dug out, the pipes for storm water runoff have been installed. To cover compliance for one hundred year rain concerns, drains and manholes have been installed along the route of the pipes.

Other areas of dirt around the property have been patted down with a steam roller preparing for the next stage of construction. 

Any land that will be sitting idle for now has been covered with seeds and straw to stabilize the land.

At this point the “per-construction” construction has been finished.


This week has been a busy week with moving dirt around so that they can dig a hole for the water basin. In order to do this, the dirt has to be removed to the depths of the bottom of the basin and then patted down (see pictures) and only then do they put down the proper soil.  


This week construction has begun on our new building, the future Center for Jewish Life and Learning!

During this past week, the ground was being prepared for the grading to begin. To do so, all trees and brush that are in the way had to be cleared. A “tire washing station” had to be set up so that the trucks that leave the property should not get our road dirty.

The next step will be to start work on the water basins as part of the storm water management plan.