Mission Statement

The mission of Lubavitch of Montgomery Country is founded on the principle Love Your Fellow Man.  It is committed to enhance the spiritual and physical well-being of the Jewish people, and to provide the opportunity to study and experience Judaism without regard to degree of commitment or form of affiliation. To this end, Lubavitch of Montgomery County establishes and maintains synagogue services, adult Jewish education courses, youth programs, family holiday awareness events, lectures, and the distribution of Jewish ritual items. Lubavitch of Montgomery County also sees within its mission promoting consciousness of G‑d and morality for all mankind.

Serving the Jewish Community with three centers & Friendship Circle



Lubavitch of Montgomery County

Fort Washington

1311 Fort Washington Ave.

Fort Washington, PA 19034



515 Meetinghouse Rd.

Rydal, PA 19046


Rabbi Zushe & Dini Gurevitz


Lafayette Hill

2048 Spring Mill Rd.

Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 


Rabbi Sruly & Chaya Kotlarsky


Friendship Circle

Rabbi Zev & Chani Baram